As with all solicitors we generally charge for the amount of time that we spend on your case. This means time spent in meetings, telephone conversations, writing letters and drafting relevant documentation. Our charge structure is based on the profession’s norm of charging in units of 6 minutes so that in each hour there are 10 units.

When you first meet with us we will give you an estimate as to the likely fees that will be incurred in dealing with any particular matter. Furthermore, we will advise you upon which member of our team would be best placed to deal with your case and their respective hourly rates. In some cases, it is most cost effective for junior members of staff to deal with some matters whilst the more senior solicitors will deal with specific legal problem solving. In any event, one of the partners will always supervise and manage your case so that you will be able to discuss any aspects with them.

We are very aware that legal services are expensive and that as with everything else clients wish to keep their legal costs to a sensible and moderate level. We will assist you in keeping your costs down and advise you upon any steps that you can take to minimise your fees with us. We will also provide you with regular updates and agree billing arrangements.

Here are some tips to keep your costs down.

(a) If you need to meet with us or speak with on the telephone then we suggest that you prepare a list of points that you wish to discuss in advance. This way, we can ensure that our meeting/telephone conversation is focused and that the time is used as efficiently as possible.

(b) If you wish to send us emails then we are more than happy to communicate with you in this way. However, we again suggest that you carefully consider exactly what question/issue you would like us to deal with when preparing your email message.

(c) In some cases, we will advise you if there are documents that you can prepare in draft so that our time will be spent applying our legal expertise to finalise them.

(d) Again, in some cases, we can advise you to deal direct with your bank, building society, life insurance company, pension company etc when requesting information as this will reduce the need for us to do work on your behalf.

(e) Please reply promptly to our letters or requests for information as this will prevent us sending you reminder letters.